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NEWS - September 2015

Momus. A Walking Interview - Francesco Tenaglia

New book by Noch

Momus. A Walking Interview is a long conversation between the Italian critic Francesco Tenaglia and Scottish born artist Nicholas Currie aka Momus that took place during a day-long stroll in various areas of the city of Milan with an always-on microphone. The different neighborhoods elicited different topics including musicals, Chinatowns, enterism, Italy, Sehnsucht, David Bowie, word processors, death, classic rock, politics, isolation, future, and much more.

Foreword by the journalist and dj Fabio De Luca.

NEWS - April 2014

Launch party for 'Dub: Red Hot vs Ice Cold'

London, 9th April 2014

Please join us to celebrate the launch of Richard Skinner's recently published book, Dub: Red Hot vs Ice Cold (Noch, 2013).

Richard will be reading from the book, with additional readings by Jacqueline Crooks and Courttia Newland, supported by Dubplate Pearl and DJ David Katz.

NEWS - April 2013

What Matters Now? (What Can't You Hear?) - Vv.Aa.

First book by Noch

What Matters Now? (What Can't You Hear?) is an anthology of sixteen newly-commissioned texts, ranging from music criticism to short fiction, from visual poetry to art writing, responding to the prompts expressed in the title.

Texts by Cheryl Tipp, Chiara Guidi, David Toop, Francesco Tenaglia, Helena Hunter, Ivan Carozzi, James Wilkes, Luciano Chessa, Mike Cooper, Patrick Farmer, Salomé Voegelin, Sandra Jasper, Simone Bertuzzi, Stefano Scalich, Steve Roden, Tone Gellein..
Edited by Daniela Cascella and Paolo Inverni.

NEWS - July 2013

Dub: Red Hot vs Ice Cold - Richard Skinner

Second book by Noch

From growing up in Trinidad in the late 1960s, Richard Skinner recalls the first time he was infected by those languid rhythms we call Dub.

From there, he charts a compelling history of the genre; from Kingston and the rise of King Tubby, to the Dub music that reshaped black communities across Britain in the 1990s.